Specific steps should be taken to choose an online casino, and some additional measures can be considered when selecting which online pokies New Zealand to play. Just as there are many online casinos, there are also many online pokies available, for play at each casino.

Making Your Choice

When you land in the pokie section of the online casino that you have chosen to play at, chances are, you are going to be presented with rows upon rows of pokies to choose from. Now you have a few options ahead of you. It may be that the casino will allow you to sort the slots by categories such as:

  • Favourites
  • Classics
  • New
  • Bet range
  • Software providers

Not all casinos will give you these options, but if they do, then put them to good use.

Check out the Themes

If you haven’t yet been able to narrow down your choices, then browse through the selection, and no doubt a specific theme may grab your attention. For example, if you are playing around Christmas time, then those with a holiday theme may attract you.

Be Patient

No doubt you will be anxious to take your first spin, as soon as the pokie loads. But wait, because there are some things you need to check out. You should go to the paytable, and see what the payouts are, and what bonuses and features the pokie possesses. These can be important because they can provide a lot of extra wins.

The other important factor is the betting range. Quite often, when a pokie loads for the first time, it will have the higher bet showing. This can usually be changed, either by using the negative button beside the bet amount or going into the settings of the game.

These few useful and informative tips will get you started on the best pokies for you as a beginner.