There are many that live in New Zealand whose favourite form of entertainment is playing the pokies. There are several options for them to be able to do this.

In Bars and Public Places

Unlike many other countries, New Zealand will allow pokie play in some public places. This is highly regulated by the NZ government and only charitable organizations considered for licencing to do this. This is the government’s way of allowing these charitable organizations a chance to generate some money. It is also good for the locations where these are placed as they draw in new customers.

The Onland Casinos

Another option to enjoy some exciting pokie play is at any of the on land casinos that are operating in New Zealand. These casinos are also heavily regulated by the government.

Did You Know You can Play NZ Pokies Online?

There are a lot of online casinos that accept players from New Zealand. This means that players who sign up at these sites get to play all the games the online casino offers. This includes the pokies which the majority of casinos offer. If they don’t then they may be considered as a sports site or poker site only.

Why Do So Many People Enjoy the Pokies?

If you have ever played the pokies even once then you know that there is a thrill and anticipation that comes with this gameplay. Of course at the top of the list is the anticipation of a big win. But, aside from that, there is the excitement of knowing that you may get some bonus plays or some free spins. All of these extras add to the excitement of the game of pokies.

Another big drawing feature is that each pokie has a theme to it that is supported by graphics and soundtracks. This ensures that nobody ever becomes bored with this type of gameplay.